Satan's Mothers The Warriors Movie Jeans Denim Vest

Satan's Mothers The Warriors Movie Jeans Vest 

Satan's Mothers Vest

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Satan's Mothers The Warriors Movie Jeans Vest 

Satan's Mothers Vest

The Satans Mothers are a motorcycle club gang from Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, as denoted by the “MC” on their vests which cover yellow t-shirts. The back of their vest can be seen in the movie trailer.

The Satan's Mothers MC (Motercycle Club) are a fictional New York City motorcycle gang in 1979. One of the heaviest sets in New York, they are a ruthless gang who deal in weapons (including knives) and drugs (including Flash). They won't let anyone mess with their rep and never hesitate to kill anyone who tries to cross them.

The Satan's Mothers Motorcycle Club (SMMC), commonly known as simply the Satan's Mothers or the Mothers, are an outlaw motorcycle gang from Sheepshead Bay. They are one of the toughest and most powerful gangs in all of New York City, and are led by Tiny and Spider.

All of their members are White and have the typical biker appearance; Most members sport long hair and/or beards and tattoos, and all members wear black leather vests with their logo (Satan's face, sandwiched between the top rocker, reading "Satan's", and bottom rocker, reading "Mothers") on the back. Their vests also have the letters "MC" on the back.


Spider (Former Co-Warlord; Killed by Ghost)

Tiny (Warlord; Former Co-Warlord)

Goober (Soldier)

Kevin K (Soldier)

Spice (Soldier)

Ted (Soldier)

The Warriors Vest, The Rogues Vest, The Satan's Mother Vest & The Electric Eliminators Jacket

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Satan's Mothers The Warriors Movie Jeans Denim Vest

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