The Warriors Movie Vintage Vest

The Warriors Movie Leather Vest (Premium Lambskin Distressed Vintage Leather)

The Warriors, from Coney Island, are framed for the murder of Cyrus, the leader of The Riffs, whilst attending the conclave in The Bronx forcing them to fight their way back to Coney. The gang has 120 members, plus affiliates, but only 9 members of the gang made their way to The Bronx: Ajax, Cleon, Cochise, Cowboy, Fox, Rembrandt, Snow, Swan and Vermin. 

The Warriors have brown leather vests with a flaming skull patch on the back. This logo was changed for subsequent games and comics due to a dispute with the Hell’s Angels.

This item is available only as Novelty for "The Warriors" fans & not intended for competitive marketing, violent unlawful,Illegal or prohibited activity, this is like original copy of The Warriors Vest used in the movie "The Warriors"

                        40th Anniversary Celebration Tour Start From  February 2019 

The Warriors Movie Leather Vest 

* The Warriors Vest "The Warriors"
* The Warriors Leather Vest
* Made From Premium Lambskin Distressed Vintage Leather 
* Hands Staining & Hands Waxed Vintage Beautiful Look like as used in the movie " The Warriors"
* Hands Crafted Diamond Cut good looking piping on the all the vest with beige color under piping same like as used the vest in the movie " The Warriors"
* The Colour of vest is Reddish Tan same as the vest looking in the movie  " The Warriors"
* Two out side pockets with diamond cut piping 
* 5 buttons front closer, buttons are also with vintage look same leather colour
* Golden Colour polyester lining with two inside pockets
* The warriors Vest features embroidered flying fire warbirds skull & the Warriors rocker on back beautifully crafted ever
* Size specification of embroidered patch   The warriors flying fire warbirds skull is 7 inches wide & 11 inches in height approx
Size specification of embroidered patch The Warriors rocker is 13 inches wide & 2.75 inches in height approx
* The Warriors vest is from the movie "The Warriors"
* Made from The warriors Movie like as original The Warriors vest used int the movie by The Warriors gangs

The Warriors Vest, The Rogues Vest, The Satan's Mother Vest & The Electric Eliminators Jacket

Add Created by Respected Mr. Shaun Powers
The Warriors Fans Worldwide
Spacial Thanks.

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The Warriors Movie Vintage Vest

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